Yesterday we said many things, love: that I like, that you like me, that I care you and you have asked on me what is the love or what is for me, she. And with scare I don`t respond, while you said those magic words” I love you”. Now I understend one thing and I respond you at the question:
„Love… what is love? Love is a wundreful feeling necessary new the people… indescribable but miraculous, this feelin sense is dated since the world and the earth ana Cupid when you pierce arrow to, the float of happiness. Is that feeling that you trust. Love is always patient and nice. She is never jealous. Love is not boastful or conceited. She don`t find pleasure in otter`s sin, but yet in truth. Love is defined by respect, trust and fear at the same time, the fear that I felt it when I do not answer the question.”
Now I understend… Afraid to say those three words true, I did not want to give an answer. But now I want you to know that: „I love you”.

P. S.
Deci deci. Sunt greseli! Stiu. Dar nu am vrut sa corectez nimic. Originala originalelor. Ca sa imi amintesc si eu de „Tineretile” mele;)).